Information is power. Keep yourself armed with the right research to help you successfully launch your eCommerce business. Or else you will be running around in circles with a good product that won’t sell.

Follow these steps and you are sure to launch your eCommerce site successfully, attracting loads of visitors, and getting them to make purchases.

Step 1: Do a thorough Google search to improve the quality of your eCommerce business site

Do you know how powerful Google is? You can get just about any kind of information with this super-efficient tool. Research is important to find your competition and gaps within the market. This will help place you in a good position to manipulate your product into something your competition cannot offer. Also, you will be able to offer a solution for a need in the market.

You will also find paid advertisers who are great for turning visitors into paying clients. Use Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to find out if your products will be a success. You will also see how much your competitors are paying for consumer clicks actively searching for their products.

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Step 2: Search eBay to find products similar to the ones you will be selling in your eCommerce business site

Like Google, eBay is a powerful tool that can help with the successful launch of your eCommerce business site. With eBay bid counts, you can find the popularity of products similar to the ones you will be selling. Additionally, active auctions and listings on eBay can help you find fast paced products. This will give clarity on the type of market you will be penetrating.

Step 3: Go through Amazon reviews on products similar to your eCommerce business products.

Amazon has so many consumer insights that will help you confirm your assumptions on the product you wish to launch. You will uncover helpful pain points on product quality, features, customer service and shipping times. This information can help you develop a superior product.


By the time you are done with these steps, you will be at an advantage with helpful information on the successful launch of your eCommerce business site. Your products will be going at a great rate. These steps not only help you push your products, but also give your site high-ranking, thus attracting more and more visitors by the day.

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